Cascades- 35
Mansfield Road,Galston

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If gate fails to open or close please first check if the gate button flashes red, if so it means the gate has tripped and needs to be turned back on, if no light appears, it means batteries need to be replaced.

There is a backup gate remote in the backup lock box on the opposite side of the gate, right hand side, code 0000. Check if that remote opens gate, if not, follow below steps.

Go to external electrical box at the front near the bins, see photo below:

front gate

Open electrical box and ensure the switch for the “gate” is switched up and says “on”. If it’s “off” please switch up to “on” then try open gate. If the gate still fails to open, there is a key & allen key in the electrical box which will assist you in opening the gate manually.


See photo example below:

Take the key and Allen key and insert it into the gate box to open the gate manually. Please refer to photos below where to insert the key into the gate box, please note, key needs to be inserted into both gate boxes to manually open the gate.


How to replace batteries: there are backup batteries for the gate remote in the lockbox inside the house, above the dining room table, see photo below:



Should there be no power to part or all of the house please go to the dining room, open the cupboard above the dining room table, photo below, check the electrical box and ensure all switches are up. If any switches are down, please switch up.


Should this not resolve your issue, please go outside to the external electrical box which is located near the front gate where the bins are, photo below, and ensure all the switches are also up on the electrical box.



If the bbq has run out of gas there are 2 spare gas bottles underneath the deck behind the hose. See photos attached. 

Please take one bottle and replace the empty bottle

Kindly advise us via email if you have used a replacement bottle to ensure our team replace the empty bottle.

Please leave the empty gas bottle near the bbq.


Should the gas stove not work, it may be out of gas and we do apologise for this. Please contact us immediately to notify us of this issue.

Rest assured we have backup options in place, if you open the cupboard above the fridge, you will find a portable 2 burner gas stove for you to use in the interim. Photo below.

If you still experience power issues or any other issues you cannot resolve please contact Sandy on 0410427612 for prompt assistance. Thank you.


The button circled below needs to be pushed in until the same button icon is visible on the screen as circled.

Then turn the left knob to the fan symbol, and then turn the right knob to the temperature you like as per photo below.

TV Remote

Should the batteries for the remote run out there are spare batteries in the cupboard behind the dining room table. See photo below.


Pets are welcome at our property however should urine be sighted on the floor/rug there will be a $200 cleaning fee applicable. Further, if pet hair is sighted throughout the property there will be a $200 cleaning fee applicable. Please understand a deeper clean will then be required hence the additional fees applicable.